About Me

About the Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Angel

I  sometimes think of myself as the most boring person, is it true? Of course not! I was born in Sri Lanka, Colombo and came to Canada when I was 4 years old. I got married to the man of my dreams on Aug. 6th 2011 and from that day forward our lives have changed. But even greater than my marriage life, my spiritual life had changed who I am forever.  I accepted Christ as my saver when I was around 11 years old. I grew up as a very religious hindu. I had gone to church forced the first few times by my parents. My dad got healed when he first called upon Jesus from a heart problem that no doctor could fix. My dad had built Hindu temples back home. He was so devoted that he prayed when he woke up and before eating.  But when Jesus answered his prayers it changed his life. Although I went to church and crossed my hands in disappointment for being in a church building, God changed my life the day I began to ask for some miracles of my own.

THINGS I LOVE and the things I love

I LOVE my bible and every inspiring story from it.

I love my worship music, and earnestly wait to see heavens biggest choir group.

I LOVE my hubby and his spirit of enthusiasm and humour.

I love our date nights and having him all to myself.

I LOVE photography for its qualities of keeping moments forever.

I love my family, most importantly my talkative little sister.

I love being creative with anything I can get my hands around. From paint, to DIY craft

About the Man who Married Me

My husbands name is Josh.

I have never been bored being married to him.

We met in university, had a blast in helping each other grow in church and help other young souls, that we still continue to do so after we have been married. We are both youth leaders to a growing Tamil church. We love inspiring, and encouraging the youths. Our life does revolve around this ministry we do.

About the Blog

This blog originally started for one of my university courses I took in my last year. When I first started I wrote allot about my married life and the experience of being with my spouse. I will still continue to share some of my greatest moments that I would love to cherish forever. I would also like to use this blog to share my Spiritual life since it is a big part of who I am.  I hope to be a blessing to those of you reading. Here is the little glimpse to our life as it is.

-Angel S.


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